Why visit Gourmet Discovery?

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Visit the finest delicatessen event in Germany in 2022!

In June 2022, the Gourmet Discovery professional trade show finally brings the best of all European gastronomy to the lively city of Hamburg.

The last decade has changed the food industry at its core. Fine food has become a statement for consumers reclaiming better products.

They are now paying more attention to what they consume, and thus what they buy. Since the ever increasing demand for the newest food releases, trackable items, gluten free, dairy-free, vegan alternatives, you need as a food business to be able to provide. With greater supply, you can expand and innovate for your own clients in offering them a renewed catalogue.

How to make sure that you offer the best products of the most premium brands to your customers? 

Let’s see all the reasons why you should definitely attend Gourmet Discovery, the most exciting event about fine food & gastronomy happening in 2022 in Hamburg, Germany !

You are a fine food reseller, you own a restaurant, a hotel, a concept store, a delicatessen, an e-shop… Why is Gourmet Discovery the one and only event you should attend in 2022?

Getting your ticket to Gourmet Discovery is the fastest way to :

  • Discover fine food gems
  • Meet new premium suppliers
  • Feel inspired and stimulate your imagination in order to offer a better experience to your own customers
  • Find out about new trends on the gourmet market you absolutely need to know about.
  • Gain a better acknowledgment of the fine food market.
  • Meet gastronomy experts, face to face.

Gourmet Discovery is the solution to get to know and to belong to the most selective network of European gastronomy!

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We know… Having a business is a lot of work. Being a reseller means you ought to have the primacy of new trending products. And let’s not even speak of hospitality, where clients have already seen it all and somehow always want something else.

You have to deal with so many things at the same time, and with a lot of pressure. We know what it’s like because our teams have been designing events for you for more than 10 years now and we know exactly where it hurts.

  • It’s so time-consuming to discover new products & new premium brands that are not
  • already in every shop and every restaurant to renew your catalogue.
  • They are so many suppliers in the market, let alone Germany in itself, not even considering international companies. How long does it take to identify each one of them, and then compare their offer? Forever.
  • You lack time to investigate on the quality of new suppliers.
  • You would like to build a strong relationship full of trust with new suppliers, but are wondering if you can rely on them.

I don't want to waste more time

We know that you throw yourself into a lot of online investigations, that you have mastered the art of google searches, that you might scroll Instagram everyday to identify the gem you will add to your business. It’s long, tedious, and has no guarantee neither on results, nor on quality. As successful as it may be, this method is still hand-crafted. There comes a time for every entrepreneur when you need to scale.

That’s why getting a ticket to attend Gourmet Discovery is the next game for your business.

What kind of products you can expect to discover there:

  • A curated gourmet selection such as: spices, jams and marmalades, teas and coffees, chocolates, canned food etc...
  • An extended fresh panel for cheeses, charcuterie, smoked fish and the best range of products of the sea.
  • Vast choices in wine and spirits: Wines and champagnes, beers and crafted beers, soft drinks and specialised sodas and spirits.

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We have done the work for you.

Everything you need to know, see, taste, and everyone you need to meet will be there.

  • We selected the most premium suppliers to showcase their products at the exhibition. All that for you to meet them all at the same place. A network of specialists to present, sell and buy the best quality from all over Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and more! Are you looking for premium delicatessen, wine & spirits, and/or dairy products ? This is the place you will find them.
  • It’s a 2-day professional event: it means that there will be specific visitors from the gastronomy industry only. It’s an excellent opportunity to network and exchange.
  • It’s honestly the best place to optimise your buying thanks to the possibility to meet your future partner in person, manipulate, taste their products and sometimes even benefit from discounted fair prices.
  • We aim to gather 2,500 food & hospitality professionals for this first edition and we are putting our best resources to guarantee the best visibility. No worries though, we guarantee strict compliance with covid-19 protocols for a safe experience. You can take a look at our Health and Safety measure page.
  • So, if you get your ticket early enough, there is very little chance for you to meet one of your competitors.
  • Well, even if you bump into one of your competitors, don’t worry because there will be more than enough exhibitors to satisfy your wildest cravings. Delicatessen, wine & spirits, dairy products, and more…: find the perfect fit for your own customers!
  • When you are tired of negotiating with your next favourite new supplier, take a walk and attend our various conferences, talks, masterclasses and tastings! Do you know a better way to stay up to date on the trending topics? We don’t. Check the program right here.
  • Nurture your imagination and get inspired with the best national and international stakeholders on Gastronomy! Don’t miss the “Best Of” contest aiming at identifying the best new trends among the exhibitors’ products.

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If we sum it up, attending Gourmet Discovery means:

  • 2 days to gather the best of the fine food industry, both in Germany and in Europe.
  • Exhibitors focused on the 3 fastest growing categories in Germany: Delicatessen, Dairy Products, Wine & Spirits. Exceptional supply for exceptional businesses.
  • It’s the first edition of this event following more than 10 successful editions in France by the name of “Gourmet Selection”. Our team is made of experts, both in trade exhibitions and in gastronomy.

So if you have one event to attend in 2022, your best choice is Gourmet Discovery in Hamburg!

I want to attend Gourmet Discovery

How to get there?

We have made your plans easier with our Getting to Gourmet Discovery page. Check all the information you need to attend the most selected food network of 2022.

Make sure to check the program and organise your visit so you don’t miss a thing!