Gourmet Discovery: A new era for SIAL

Gourmet Discovery: a new era

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Gourmet Discovery is launching in Germany in 2022, following the success of Gourmet Selection in Paris, since 2009.

Join us in Hamburg, the new business hub for fine food

Gourmet Discovery aims to find, select and reveal the best selection of European fine and gastronomic products. It is targeted at German selective distribution channels, gourmet corners and restaurants. In a friendly and human-sized setting, Gourmet Discovery is a BtoB event that allows you to discover exceptional products and to make qualitative meetings between producers and buyers.

This new show, which will take place in 2022, is the opportunity to add another chapter to the story.

The two days compact annual format of the fair is aimed at professionals in the gastronomy sector. It’s first edition will be held from 13 to 14 June 2022 in Hamburg.

A trade faire bases on several pillars 

  • Expertise

11 years of experience in amplifying the Gourmet Community as a business hub

  • Contest

A contest involving experts to reward the best products of the exhibitors

  • Conferences / Events

Expert conferences on market trends and cooking masterclass

Chantal De Lamotte ©Loran Dherines

"Finally, as proof of our concept’s success, Gourmet Selection will be going abroad for the first time in 2022, with the launch of a version that is tailored to the German market: Gourmet Discovery on June 13 and 14 in Hamburg! This new annual event is the adaptation to the German market of a winning concept with a short, efficient format, offering a range of high-end products to a targeted audience.”

Chantal De Lamotte, Event Director