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Gourmet Discovery "Best Of": selected products are the focus of the prestigious competition!

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The Gourmet Discovery "Best Of" awards recognise products and services that offer significant added value. It is a great opportunity for exhibitors to underline and highlight the quality of their offer. 

The "Best Of" competition offers exhibitors the opportunity to highlight their product innovation and their brand in the long term during the fair and afterwards. The "Best Of" awards are tasted and then judged in four different categories by a top-class jury of experts.

The products entered will be judged by a panel of renowned German experts from the delicatessen world.

Jury members include:

Moderator: David Marx Freiherr von Müller

4 trends in the focus:

  • Next Gourmet 

Next Gourmet is a code of honour committed to finding and preserving food and drink that is defined solely by its obvious excellence and traditional craftsmanship. 

  • Next Vegan 

Next Vegan is an enrichment and reorientation that requires looking beyond one's horizon. In this way, one consciously discovers and tries things that were perhaps not even known before and can now be appreciated (again). There are many reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle, but each individual contributes to creating a better future for animals, humans and the environment!

  • Bio & local heroes 

Next Bio is a reflection on the proximity,  from local to regional ingredients and products (by food artisans and producers) that find their way onto our plates or into our glasses in harmony with nature.

  • Sci-fi Kitchen 

Next Sci-Fi Food refers to completely new types of food and drink that are developed out of a willingness to conform to the image of the future. They are usually developed in the laboratory and transformed into edible objects using the latest technologies such as 3D printing

How to participate:

  • Complete the online application form - register here.
  • Participants send the registered product for the competition to the jury members by 25 May.
  • The jury members will taste the products and deliberate.
  • On 14 June, the prizes will be awarded at a festive awards ceremony.

The products are evaluated according to the following criteria:


The criterion of taste is by nature very subjective, but it is the first evaluation criterion. Nevertheless, in order to be as objective as possible, the Best-of jury, which accompanies the jury chair, is composed of industry professionals from different fields. The jury members will be selected by the jury chair and the fair management. The competition is also characterised by the honest selection of the products submitted and the independence in terms of evaluations.


In view of the constantly evolving market, the strong competition between producers and the high demand from the media, new products are in demand as well as quality. In order to judge this quality, the jury excels in their know-how in the field of market development and trends, so they can assess the impact on the audience and, above all, the innovative character of the product.


A product can stand out because of many factors that make it unique. This criterion differs from the previous one in that it is not necessary to be innovative to make a product unique. It must stand out from the crowd by a criterion or set of criteria that make it unique and easily identifiable at first sight.

Naturality & sustainability

A set of criteria that take into account consumers' desire for natural and healthy food, both in the ingredients and raw materials used and in the choice of packaging and the resulting environmental impact. All consumers are increasingly aware of the need to have as little impact on the environment as possible, which is reflected in a greater environmental awareness when buying their food.

The jury's decision is sovereign and these four judging criteria require no justification.

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