Introducing the Gourmet Discovery Best Of Jury

Published on by Lena André - updated on - Actualité

Exclusive exhibitor products, renowned jury members - that is the Gourmet Discovery Best Of competition. The products from the Next Gourmet, Sci-Fi Kitchen, Next Vegan and Next Bio sections will be judged by none other than gourmet experts Ralf Bos, Reinhold Schroers, Kristiane Kegelmann, David Trümmer, Sascha Rimkus and Volker Weinlein.

With host and speaker David Marx on the Gourmet Discovery stage, not only the competition but also the programm of the event promises to be a culinary success.


David Marx is many things: father, husband, speaker, mentor, designer and avant-gardist with a penchant for minimalism and a strong orientation towards the idea of progress, characterised by a special radicalism towards existing aesthetic and culinary norms.

He loves (re)inventing, designing and staging food and drink products. To this end, he founded his own playground a good 12 years ago with the Berlin foodlab called The Science Kitchen. With the globally celebrated and multiple award-winning reinvention of the classic popsicle (see, he quickly made the leap onto the international stage, where he now helps major brands turn their ideas into sustainable products. In addition to the Foodlab, which is now also at home in Singapore, he successfully runs a vegan popsicle production in the USA, several ice cream boutiques in China and a dessert bar in Colombo. In addition, he is currently developing his first alcohol-free luxury spirit and a new culinary experience called "Picnic on Mars".

So David Marx is many things and yet the same in everything: loving, passionate, creative, innovative and always driven by the new opportunities that come his way.

Mayouri Sengchanh

With her French and Asian roots, Mayouri has been combining a passion for a new aesthetic with expertise and intuition in decoding trends for more than 20 years with her creative agency Exalis. For Gourmet Discovery, she invites us on a culinary journey of discovery into the food trends of the future.

Exalis is a creative agency for trend consulting, customized design concepts and brand experience.


As a passionate gourmet and photographer, Reinhold Schroers is always on the lookout for the boldest, tastiest or most innovative gourmet products and delicacies. On his fine food blog "Gourmetkultur", the guide of every gourmet, Reinhold Schroers presents more than star restaurants. Rather, he reports on chefs who spend their energy and lifetimes preparing outstanding food to create true total works of art.

He comes to the Gourmet Discovery B2B event primarily because of his curiosity for something new and special: "I am very excited to see how the latest products in gourmet cuisine are interpreted in a contemporary way." His love of gourmet culture, exquisite ingredients and new taste experiences make the discovery of new products at the Gourmet Discovery fair something special for him.


As an author, delicatessen hunter and entrepreneur, multi-talented Ralf Bos committed himself to the culinary arts at an early age. Born in Düsseldorf, Bos worked in various areas of the restaurant business in the 1970s and 1980s: cook, restaurant specialist, bartender, sommelier, head waiter and later also as restaurant manager. In 1990, he and his cousin and partner, Ralf Borkowsky, founded the company BOS FOOD, offering delicatessen products for the catering trade and for the end consumer. The family business grows steadily and Ralf Bos becomes a grand seigneur of the culinary arts who loves simple but excellent cuisine the most. The recipe for success of Ralf Bos and the BOS FOOD company is simple: honest people, excellent products, great expertise and a good dose of self-irony!


Kristiane Kegelmann manages to combine pleasure and art in her chocolates to create an exclusive delicacy. The artist and chocolatier attaches particular importance to freshness, regionality and sustainability, because Kristiane Kegelmann only uses fresh ingredients directly from the farmer in the region and herbs and flowers from her own wild collection for the little treasures produced in her praline workshop. Preservatives and industrially produced ingredients are unlikely to be found in her chocolates - all products are handmade fresh to order and should therefore also be enjoyed quickly.

Kristiane Kegelmann, with her background as a visual artist and experienced patissière (Wiener Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel), combines visual and taste design to highlight the preciousness of this elaborate craft and is therefore the ideal addition to the Gourmet Discovery Best Of Jury.


As a consultant and shareholder of a wide variety of companies, mainly in the food industry since 2017, David Trümner knows how to identify the latest trends and most exciting innovations quite easily. That is why we are delighted that he is enriching the Gourmet Discovery Best Of Jury.

He is also a mentor of the Food Campus or Proveg, accompanies start-ups in their early days and knows the food market inside out. With 14 years of expertise as a consultant, David Trümner has everything it takes to discover the latest rising star at Gourmet Discovery.


Foodexpert Volker Weinlein is primarily concerned with brand building and innovative trends. After many years of experience as a brand builder at Ferrero and Katjesgreenfood, he knows exactly how brands and products can use their potential to become successful.

His latest project: kiukiu, a special Latin cocktail element made of cocoa fruit, acerola berry and pink pepper. Together with his co-founders and bartenders Chloé Merz and Joerg Meyer, Volker Weinlein created a drink that is supposed to transport you straight to Latin America with its extraordinary taste.  


It may be difficult at first to attribute the passion for wine to the native of Schleswig-Holstein. This came about when he went on a trip to various wine regions and saw how wine is made. From then on, Sascha Rimkus worked his way through countless wine lists and shelves around the world, spending a lot of time in restaurants and bars - always on the lookout for new discoveries.

In his own shop, Goldhahn & Sampson, he is eager to constantly expand the assortment of the wine department and so, of course, he cannot avoid the Gourmet Discovery Event and the Best Of Competition. There, he and the other jury members have the opportunity to taste and evaluate a wide variety of exclusive delicacies from the gourmet world.