Hamburg Harbour

We chose Hamburg

These are the reasons for choosing Hamburg for the inaugural edition of Gourmet Discovery.

When one thinks of delicatessen, a handful of cities in Germany immediately come to mind that one would relate to the industry. The idea of luxury associated with delicatessen certainly presupposes a certain purchasing power. However, that alone was not the deciding factor in choosing Hamburg for the inaugural edition of Gourmet Discovery

Localisation and lifestyle

Hamburg is easily accessible throughout Germany and internationally by plane, car or train, making it easy to get to. It is also in close proximity to Berlin, where the market for organic food and products is strong, and to the Nordic countries, which boast equally strong purchasing power and are characterised by a culinary landscape of great interest.

In addition, Hamburg is known for a good quality of life and enjoyment, which is reflected in a range of 4,000 restaurants, including 11 starred restaurants.

Trade and quality products

As a Hanseatic city, Hamburg has a long history as a hub for the import and export of a wide variety of products. The trade in spices in particular, which were stored in warehouses at the port of Hamburg, was one of the city's most important sources of income for a long time. Today, Hamburg is home to a high density of delicatessens and high-quality spirits producers

The atmosphere of seafaring and harbour history is taken up by the historic venue Schuppen 52 at Hamburg harbour.