Discover The Dr Jaglas Company

A family secret and an absolute taste experience

Meet Dr Jaglas Company

The past year has changed our working world a lot and has shown us how important personal contact is in order to introduce new products and to establish long-term and profitable business contacts.

This is also the opinion of Dr Christina Jagla, pharmacist and founder of Dr. Jaglas. She will be present with her company at the first edition of Gourmet Discovery and will present exciting products!

From a monastery pharmacy to a taste experience

Dr Christina Jagla - pharmacist and founder of Dr Jaglas

Dr. Jaglas develops and produces high-quality herbal specialities (Amaros, Gin, Aperitif) in its own family pharmacy.

For decades, the Jagla family of pharmacists has been producing time-honoured recipes and constantly developing them further. Through the further development into the Dr. Jaglas brand, these specialities can now also be found outside the Bergisches Land region in delicatessen shops, concept stores and the upmarket gastronomy.

Spotlight on new products

This exciting brand always offers new creations! Topical: the non-alcoholic hibiscus aperitif, which is drunk as an alternative to Aperol Spritz as the basis of drinks. Besides tart hibiscus blossoms, it consists of rosemary, gentian, chiretta herb and a fine whisky note in the finish.

Selected visitors, exclusive exhibitors, innovative products: the perfect recipe for a successful B2B trade fair.