Why exhibit at Gourmet Discovery?

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Take a stand at the most selective delicatessen event in Germany

Gourmet Discovery is a new BtoB event in Hamburg where you can discover European fine & gastronomic products and get introduced to the best selection of local and international delicatessen. With a network built by its 10 successful years in France, Gourmet Discovery gathers for two days producers, distributors, retailers and more – all committed to finding and offering the finest European delicacies.

It is definitely the best opportunity for your company to get in the German fine food market!

Why concentrate the best gourmet actors in Hamburg?

Germany counts over 82 millions inhabitants, which weighs for 15% of global European population! It’s the 3rd global agri-food importer with €74,2 billion of food importations every year. Strategically located at the heart of the most populated German area, Gourmet Discovery fair trade is the one professional event you should not miss to make a difference in the fast growing German market.

Are you looking for premium delicatessen, wine & spirits, and dairy products buyers? This is the place you will find them.

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What could you look for by having a stand at Gourmet Discovery?

  • Generate qualified business leads (both buyers and suppliers)
  • Develop your market shares in the first European economy.
  • Grow your sales.
  • Guarantee an exceptional launch on the German market.
  • Benefit from great coverage and specific visitors to ensure your products are visible for German gourmet professional buyers.
  • Foster a better brand awareness.
  • Gain a better understanding of the German fine food ecosystem (competitors & consumers).
  • Nurture your inspiration and watch closely what is happening on the gourmet segment.
  • Taking a seat at the first premium fine food event in Germany by Comexposium, a world leader of trade shows.

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What is your experience concerning the following business issues?

  • You don't know where to begin in order to expand your company in Germany.
  • You don't have the right connections, or the relevant contact in the company you want to discuss with.
  • You struggle to get qualified leads or don't know how to reach to the right audience.
  • You fear having a stand at a convention will waste your time, money and energy.
  • The price for a stand at a trade show looks outrageous.
  • You wonder if the package that you will invest in is the right fit for your needs.
  • You question whether having a stand at a trade show is worth it.
  • You lack time.

I recognize myself

Of course, we all have been there. You try everything you can to develop your business in limiting your investments to what feels like getting you a good return, such as bidding on ads, dedicating to social media, try word-of-mouth, ask for consulting… or even outsource these tasks. They are all rightfully behaviours.

But why would you refuse an opportunity to find everything you need, during a very short period of time, with spot-on interlocutors, and a team of experienced experts to guide you along the way to maximise your investments in both money and workforce?

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Booking a stand at the first Gourmet Discovery trade in Hamburg in June 2022 is the perfect way to:

  • Get the relevant contacts coming at you right where you can show them everything they need to buy. Be ready to talk to cherry-picked visitors: specialized distributors, big retailers, importation specialists, wholesalers, e-commerce distributors, travel and tourism retailers, fine gourmet boutiques and shops, specialized dairy shops and corners, wine & spirits merchants, concept stores, restaurants owners and hotel chains, boutique hotels, tea houses, coffee shops and new salons, and so much more.
  • Play a part in the first BtoB top-quality food event in Germany with 2,500 expected visitors.
  • Save time, money and efforts with a 2 days only event, making sure you concentrate and motivate your workforce to give the best of what they can do.
  • Be guided through the best business recommandations on the German market, which has the greatest potential for fine foods opportunities. Our sales team is dedicated to plan your arrival alongside with you and will make sure you get the best return on your investment. You won’t be all alone in this exciting and demanding experience.
  • Launch your products and get the most direct feedback about them thanks to the very specific visitors only wanting the best products for their shops, hospitality business and many other trades.
  • Having a stand at Gourmet Discovery is the best investment you can make if you want to thrive in the German fine food market. Did you know that for 1€ invested, taking part in a trade show enables companies to generate an average of 10€ in sales*? All the more since our sales team is making sure to set up the right price for your needs. There is no money loss in a trade show, if well planned and with the relevant escort, it is actually quite the opposite. Last but not least, we provide exhibitors with pre-equipped booth to facilitate your participation. Everything is made for your business to thrive!

*Source: Event Data Book - 2018 issue - Unimev

  • Talking about escort: Gourmet Discovery is the latest trade show organised by Comexposium, one of the worldwide leaders of exhibition and organiser of the Gourmet Selection event in Paris, France… that has been a success for the past 10 years! We do know our share about fine food and what is good to enhance business opportunities for both exhibitors and visitors.
  • Stay up to date with trends and rivalry in a very innovative and competitive segment. You can see the best of what is done for the German market because we are devoted to pick the most premium exhibitors. Join our “Best Of” competition to ensure the best media coverage for your best products. The jury, made of experts, will select the winners and expose them in a dedicated area. Learn more on the “Best Of” competition here.
  • Enjoy a safe event thanks to our strict covid-19 compliant organization. Check out our protocol here.

Get your stand at Gourmet Discovery

Exhibiting at Gourmet Discovery the best choice you can make to boost your business in Germany.

You ask why?

  • It’s a 2-day BtoB event located in Hamburg, most populated and business thriving area in Germany and specialised in fine food industry.
  • Limited number of selected visitors to ensure relevant interactions and proper business leads for your company… while keeping your team safe in this pandemic time.
  • Attend our many happenings dedicated to the top-quality food world to make sure you don’t miss a single trend: conferences, talks, masterclass, tastings, “Best of” competition, and so much more…
  • Our stand price is adapted to what you are looking for and comes turnkey.
  • You will be escorted through every step of the process and be given the best advice to guarantee your presence is a success!
  • Comexposium is a world leader of trade fairs, and has been running the gourmet rendez-vous in Paris for 10 years. We know what we are doing.

It’s THE place to be for gourmet business in 2022 in Germany.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of it. We won’t have a stand for everyone.

So get yours now!

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Find new inspiration and stay close to what's on

It's been a long time since many of you couldn't attend a culinary trade show, and the creative minds in our industry have not stopped innovating! What's the most enjoyable way to stay up to date, get inspired and keep a close look on what others do? Attending Gourmet Discovery obviously. We made sure there is everything you need to know to stay on tracks!

For those who have been particularly creative lately? Then you really should compete to our BEST OF contest composed by a jury of experts, tasting and watching closely every product in order to reveal the latest trends in fine food!

Eventually, try and spare a little time to attend our various animations such as talks, masterclasses, food demonstration... you can have access to the full program right here.

What’s next?

When you click on “Book a Stand”, it will take you to a form so you can fill in your professional contact info. Then, someone from our sales team will get in touch with you to explore together all your options. That doesn’t commit you to anything.

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